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My yellow shoes

8 July 2017 

“One step at a time!”


Not all loves happen at first sight, so if you don’t get these yellow shoes I’ve got a story to tell you.

First of all, I have confession to make. Yellow has always been my favorite color. I remember very well that my first choice to go to a party was a yellow top with a blue ballerina. But of course these last years this taste for yellow wasn’t so common in my closet. Well, maybe during the summer once in a while. However, since there’s an obsession with yellow going on in the fashion industry I am taking advantage of it and I’m wearing yellow more often now.

Secondly – “weird shoes” – might be what you’re thinking right now … Well, these shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried! Also, coming back to the topic that opened this article, not all loves happen at first sight. And I’m sure you’ve hated things you saw on the runway during fashion week or street style pictures and you found yourself looking for it a few months later! (No? Never? I don’t believe it!)

Lolitas are the first model launched by Arcopédico from the collection Easy Walk Experience. The brand cares about comfort so women can comfortably face the challenges of everyday life! The expression “walk a mile in my shoes” is no longer a challenge and became an exciting invitation! Yes, because with Lolitas on your feet, even the longest paths are no longer a challenge! And that’s how I fell in love with Lolitas, one step at a time until we became inseparable!

Here are the social media pages of Easy Walk Experience so you can learn more about Lolitas and pick your favorite color:
Instagram Easy Walk Experience
Facebook Easy Walk Experience







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